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GGC Consultancy has been present in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf region as one of the leading national consultancy firms in Management, Quality, Excellence Innovation. Built upon the strong experience equipped with the latest insights in a broad spectrum of business/ government excellence, and the best in class network of alliances of  the  most  notable  institutes, GGC offers top-quality solutions in strategic corporate functions that aim to empower organizations and their professionals to expand their potential and overcome challenges. GGC team prides in their customized approach whilst tackling the issues and requirements that best fit organizational culture, learning style and methods of working.​ Find out MORE about GGC

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Our clients are TRUE testimony to our ability and expertise 

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We are true to our

ethos and GREEN values 

We are client-centric and we stay true to our ethos, senior level servicing and our promise of delivering your vision into tangible reality.


Our clients always choose our problem-solving consulting approach & our unique combination of sector specific skills, knowledge and experience that helps them exceed their breakthrough goals!

Strategic Planning
& Operating Modules

We work with you to outline a roadmap that implements a tightly-integrated strategy that leverages the strengths of your people and processes. Once you have a roadmap, we work with you to create a tactical plan within your budget that directs resources and timelines to your desired outcomes. 

In today’s complex environment, an organization's success is dependent on the performance of its employees, vendors and stakeholders as well as the organization development process that addresses both strategic and operational gaps. When we design an organizational development plan for your organization that first assess your strengths, build upon those strengths to create a solid foundation for your organization to operate effectively within for examples but not limited to policies and procedures, governance and frameworks.

Gray Structure

& Excellence

If you want your organization to stand out from the rest, and be recognized as world class in your industry? Then the organizational excellence journey is your path. As experts in the Excellence solutions, GGC can get you started, and guide you faster and more efficiently progress to reach your goals.

Innovation & Service/Experience Design

GGC’s Innovation solutions represent practical toolkit for helping in developing comprehensive and specialized models and means to stimulate innovation and ideation, establishing innovation labs to help provide the organization with the best practice model that incorporates the best parts of the international innovation labs.​

We focus here on creating optimal experiences. Which requires taking a holistic view of all the related actors, their interactions, and supporting materials and infrastructures. Involving the use of customer journey maps, which tell the story of different customers’ interactions with a brand, thus offering deep insights, based on the insights from qualitative research.


“GGC” is registered as GInI Authorized Training Provider® (ATP®). Find out more



HOW we can help you?

Our transformation offerings build on each other, collectively yielding the set of organizational capabilities required for delivering results that make tangible difference!



We aim to understand the nature of the existing problem and discover its dimensions, to study the stages of work currently being used with its advantages and disadvantages, by focusing on clients' most critical issues and opportunities to support and develop the overall performance and raise clients' satisfaction with our team of experienced consultants.


Training & Upskilling

We offer upskilling solutions for organizations to help  improve personal competence and skills, which considered as core enablers of sustainable development and competitive advantages. Along  with the training material, we use our motivational style, hands on and eye-opening exercises to ensure that all trainees gain valuable insight, increase their productivity and job satisfaction.



We also provide cutting edge solutions and dedicated teams in order to help businesses with transformation. GGC’s team of specialists can help you manage your day-to-day work while maintaining a relentless focus on costs, communications and outcomes.


Bootcamps & Workshop Facilitation

Workshops are a powerful approach to build alignment and gain buy-in from all stakeholders. A productive workshop requires deep-dive review/ preparation, up-front planning and skilled facilitators! We offer the full range of professional services to deliver a successful, engaging and effective workshop - from planning to delivery.


Surveys & Mysteryshopping

Surveys results provide a baseline to measure and establish a benchmark or understand needs of your target so that you can greatly improve your business! With our surveys and beneficiary experience solutions, we can work with you at every level starting from data collection either online or offline to provide you with informative reports to enhance your decision making process and make it into data-driven decisions.